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About Us

«Russalt» LTD — is the largest salt producer in Russia. The main activities are mining, producing and realization of edible and industrial salt.

As a result of reorganization, which took place in 2008, the Company has united three largest salt deposits with explored reserves estimated at millions of tons.

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Subdivisions of the Company – Iletsksol, Bassol and Usolie. Organized development of mines is estimated at hundreds of years. The Iletsk rock salt deposit has been conducting organized mining for 287 years. The Baskunchak deposit has been under development for more than 132 years, the Usolie deposit is 345 years old.


The history of the Company

The history of the Company

As a result of the reorganization which took place in 2008 the Company united three largest salt mines, explored deposits of which are estimated at millions of tons. "Russalt" LTD. is the heir of the oldest Russian salt producing enterprises, namely JSC "Iletsk-Sol" (Orenburg region, Sol-Iletsk), JSC "Bassol" (Astrakhan region, Nizhniy Baskunchak settlement) and LLC "Usolskiy Solepromysel" (Usolie-Sibirskoe). On their basis the subdivisions of the Company are located – Iletsksol, Bassol and Usolie respectively. The organized development of the field is reckoned in hundreds of years. Thus, for instance, the Iletsk rock salt mine has been conducting an organized mining for 287 years, the Baskunchak mine has been operating for 132 years, the Usolie mine is 345 years old.


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