Novomoskovsk Subdivision

About us

Russol is the largest salt compan in Russia and the CIS countries. We believe that the only way to create the best is to do the job perfectly.

Novomoskovsk Subdivision

Design capacity of the plant
120 thousand tons per year
Meets salt demand in Central Russia
100 Employees
Novomoskovsk Subdivision

Since 2018, the newest and most advanced plant Russalt Novomoskovsk has been operating in Novomoskovsk, Tula Region. Today, more than a hundred employees work at high-tech production. The existing technologies are constantly being upgraded at the production site, as well as new technological solutions are being introduced to increase the efficiency of the salt processing shop.

Raw Materials

Mainly deposited salt of Lake BAskunchak as well as rock salt mined in Iletsk-Sol are used as raw materials for manufacturing top quality salt, extra grade. Due to the convenient location of the plant, many food and industrial enterprises of Moscow region, St. Petersburg and many central regions were able to quickly purchase an important component for their production.

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1/1 Yuzhnaya Str, 461504 Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg Region

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Edible Evaporated Salt, Extra Grade

The plant is famous for the fact that it manufactures pristine-white evaporated salt, extra grade, which covers the needs for edible salt throughout Central Russia.

NB! If salt was extracted from the bowels of the earth in the form of brine, and then boiled down, it is called evaporated salt. According to GOST (Russian National Standard), there are 4 grades depending on the degree of grinding and the level of sodium chloride: extra, top, first and second. Evaporated salt, extra grade is the smallest and purest.

In Novomoskovsk, the evaporated salt is obtained by saturating brine to the required value with further boiling, drying and obtaining edible evaporated salt, extra grade.

Nitrite Salt for Meat Products

This is a mixture of sodium chloride with sodium nitrite – preservative E250. Such salt ensures the safety of food products, extends their shelf life.

The classic nitrite salt contains 0.6% sodium nitrite and at least 99% sodium chloride. Since recently, Russalt has been manufacturing the most popular nitrite salt with a sodium nitrite content of 0.9%. The content of moisture, other impurities, as well as the granulometric composition of the products meets the requirements of industry standards.

Salt Tablets

According to experts, salt tablets from Novomoskovsk are unparalleled in the world in terms of their quality and durability characteristics. Russalt tablets, produced by pressing evaporated salt, extra grade, have a perfectly even and smooth surface and a pure white colour. Salt tablets are used in water softening systems and for regeneration of ion-exchange resins in domestic and industrial applications. In 2021, the company upgraded its salt tablets production line – а “tablet” is now square in the form of a “cushion”.