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Russalt is the largest salt producer in Russia and the CIS countries. We believe the only way to create the best is to do the job perfectly.
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Nikonova Nina Nikolaevna
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The company’s dynamic development and natural demographic processes create a need for new young highly qualified specialists.

The company holds informational meetings, career guidance games, excursions to production sites as part of career guidance activities for students of schools and lyceums.

The company also conducts business games, welcome trainings, study tours and other events for students of secondary vocational and higher educational institutions that allow students to get to know production, their future profession or specialty more closely, taking into account the specifics of their education and existing skills.

Opportunities for university graduates

Work at a large company
Work at a large company
Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities
Social package
Social package
Opportunity for company-sponsored training
Opportunity for company-sponsored training
Provision of housing for nonresidents
Provision of housing for nonresidents (Iletskskol, Bassol)
Payment of travel to the place of work
Payment of travel to the place of work for nonresidents


One of the tasks of the company’s social programs is the implementation of career guidance activities for children and youth, as well as for those who are ready to change professions and gain new knowledge. Familiarization tours and meetings with the company’s employees are regularly held at all production sites of the company. During these meetings, the stages of salt production are described in detail.

For Russalt such events – an additional opportunity to replenish the staff, to guide children and adolescents to obtain such popular today working professions, to instill love for work and practice to show how modern, environmentally friendly, important for the country and the population production works.

Recall that today Russalt is engaged in mining and processing of edible and technical salt in the most powerful fields in the Irkutsk, Orenburg and Astrakhan regions, and also the largest salt mining company has a modern production facility in Novomoskovsk and the central management office in Orenburg. Russalt is a steadily working company, known not only in Russia but also abroad, has more than 1200 employees across the country.

Passing practice

You can start planning your career even before you graduate – during your work and pre-graduation internship. Every year we invite ambitious and enthusiastic students to take an internship at our production complexes.

Russalt cooperates with various universities in Russia within the framework of organization of internships agreements.