Chemical substances


The categories of purchased materials at Russalt include the following groups:

Chemical substances

The main substances in this category are the following:

POTASSIUM IODATE KIO3 — used to enrich salt.

CALCIUM STEARATE — used in the production (for equipment) of salt briquettes

SODA — used for sedimentation of suspended particles of potassium and magnesium

FLOCCULANT — used for sedimentation of suspended particles of potassium and magnesium.

CHALK — used to precipitate magnesium.

SODIUM NITRITE – used as a food additive with anti-caking effect (manufactured by BASF)

The rest of the chem. substances are used to conduct chemical analyzes for the compliance of Russalt's salt with technical requirements.

You can familiarize yourself with the procurement plan of the "Chemical Substances" category of Russalt for the positions you are interested in by downloading the file "CHEMICALS" FOR 2019".

The selection of suppliers for certain types of substances in this group is carried out on a tender basis.TENDERS

Supply contracts are concluded in accordance with the standard form of the Contract.

All proposals received will be considered by Russalt specialists.
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