A municipal sports school will be created in the center of martial arts


A working meeting of the head of the Russalt company Sergey Cherny with the chairman of the committee for physical culture and sports of the Orenburg Administration Ranit Yusupbaev and with the executive director of the branch of the Russian Union of Martial Arts of the Orenburg region Nikolai Karpov took place. The Russalt company finances the construction of the Martial Arts Center in Orenburg and is preparing the facility for transfer to the ownership of the city. This is a charity project of a salt mining company aimed at supporting the health and sports of children and youth.

The meeting participants discussed the issue of commissioning the Martial Arts Center, the concept of its activities, as well as the creation of a municipal sports school on the basis of the Center.

In addition, the parties discussed the issue of interaction between the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Orenburg Administration and sports federations operating in the RSBI system of the Orenburg region. Ranit Yusupbaev and Nikolai Karpov visited the building of the Martial Arts Center, where they outlined a plan for the work of the future sports school.