Using salt to clean your home


In the shops of Russia in the last week recorded a rush demand for salt. And this is due not only to the fact that the Russians make stocks, and without it it is difficult to imagine cooking and home-made preparations. Salt is the simplest and most affordable means for cleaning rooms. With the beginning of spring, when the housewives undertake to “generalize” the house, this topic is especially relevant.

Together with the Russalt company, one of the leading salt producers in Russia, we continue the rubric of useful tips. Earlier we talked about how to apply salt in a home first aid kit. Today we share life hacks for using salt in everyday life.

A set of natural and safe detergents is, perhaps, every Russian in the kitchen. Zealous housewives successfully use vinegar, soda, tar soap, ammonia, borax, and, of course, salt.


One of the simplest and most beneficial uses is mopping floors with salt. Here is the prescription:

  • take one glass of salt;
  • pour half a glass of salt into a container of warm water;
  • mop the floor with a mop or cloth as you normally would. If it is a wooden floor, then its surface will shine from cleanliness. But if the floor is tiled, then you can be sure that the dirt after washing will not remain on the tile for a long time.

Salt not only removes dirt and helps keep floors clean for longer, but also cleans surfaces of bacteria and fills the air with freshness in the room.


Salt can be used as a universal cleaner. It is enough to pour it into a spray bottle, spray it on the surface to be treated, and wipe it thoroughly with a rag. For stubborn stains, you can leave the solution for a few minutes, and then clean with a damp cloth or sponge. For a cleaner, you need such improvised means as:

  • half a glass of salt;
  • 2 spoons of borax (tea);
  • half a spoon of liquid soap;
  • 2 стакана горячей воды.

And to remove difficult stains from carpet and linoleum, it is recommended to apply a paste of water and salt and leave for a while, and then collect with a broom or vacuum cleaner.


Salt can and should be added to the wash! So did our ancestors in antiquity, and our grandmothers – even in this century. By adding just 1 teaspoon of ordinary salt to the rinse aid compartment, you can solve a number of problems:

  • Things washed with salt return their brightness and saturation;
  • salt rinses out the powder from clothes many times better even in the quick wash mode, and this is especially important for allergy sufferers;
  • when washing with salt, things dry much faster;
  • terry towels become lush, soft, bright, and any odors and stains are effectively removed from bed linen.

By the way, do not worry that the salt will not dissolve or wash out badly! Periodically adding just one spoon of salt to the whole drum will not have any negative effect on the washing machine, and for clothes it is an easily applicable life hack.