The first stage of the practical shooting cup took place in the Orenburg region


The competition was organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Orenburg Region and the regional branch of the Federation of Practical Shooting of Russia. Company   for the extraction, production and sale of salt in Russia, “Russalt” supported the idea of ​​holding the First Cup of the Orenburg Region, acting as the official partner of the sports competition.

Competitions were held on April 9-11 at the shooting club “Sarmat”. Among the participants are sportsmen from Orenburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Samara, Tver.  The first stage of the Orenburg Cup in practical shooting is called by its participants one of the biggest events in the life of this sport in our region in recent times. More than 40 participants from  regions of the country, excellent base and organization. As Rossiya 24 journalists who attended the competitions noted, “the main thing in this sport is safety, because athletes shoot from military weapons. After a long pause, the Orenburg shooters today are returning to their usual rhythm of training and almost every two weeks they have competitions at the Russian Cup, went to Yekaterinburg, and now they are shooting at home.” Speed, accuracy, exercises of varying complexity, including moving targets.
According to the results of the duel  the victory in all three classes of shooting – Production, Standard, Open – was won by the guests from the capital. Representatives  “Russalt” in addition to the medals to them & nbsp; were presented with corporate souvenirs of the company.
Orenburg residents on the pedestal were able to win back  three more places, Kazan – one. All participants noted the high level of organization of competitions in Orenburg and the worthy professional level of the participating athletes.
Now the task for the local federation is to attract new people to its difficult sport. This can be done, among other things, through & nbsp; an inexpensive analogue of practical shooting – action air.

The little stars of the Orenburg action air are already winning prizes all over Russia, and in 2022 Sochi will host the world championship in this sport. Adult shooters-practitioners this year will prepare for the next stages of the Cup of the Orenburg region in practical shooting. Competitions will be held from June to December.