Happy Salt Industry Workers Day!


On the last Sunday of August, Russalt traditionally celebrates a professional holiday – the Day of Salt Industry Workers, timed to coincide with the celebration of Miner’s Day. On this day, we address words of gratitude and congratulations to all employees and veterans of the industry.
Sergey Cherny, director of Russalt:
“I congratulate everyone on the holiday! Our team is close-knit and friendly, and I wish each of you to remain steadfast, strong, a true professional in your field, take care of your health, family and loved ones, develop, grow above yourself and live in peace and harmony.”

Russalt is the largest salt producer in Russia. The main activities are extraction, production, sale of edible and technical salt. The company united three powerful salt deposits, the explored reserves of which amount to millions of tons. And today, hundreds of employees work in the workshops, providing the extraction and production of salt in various ways:
• extraction of self-planting salts from salt lakes and sea bays, the brine of which is a source of table salt (Bassol);
• Mining of rock salt (TsDPS Ilektssol);

obtaining boiled salt by boiling it out of natural and artificial brines. (TsDPS Usolie and TsPS Novomoskovsk).

In 2021, the period of the Covid 19 pandemic made its own adjustments to the holding of a professional holiday at Russalt. Having abandoned mass events, we, nevertheless, retained the tradition of congratulating and rewarding distinguished employees at enterprises.   On August 27, during the online broadcast, local leaders will express & nbsp; gratitude to the workers of the salt industry and will mark the best employees of the departments for many years of conscientious work and responsible attitude to work by presenting tourist vouchers, and for the high professionalism and exemplary performance of their duties will award cash prizes and certificates of honor. Interregional Trade Union of Salt Industry Workers, in in turn, will mark the leaders with gift certificates.

In honor of this year’s milestone event, the staff​ also  prepared  video congratulations. Miners from the salt mines “Russalt” and employees of the Iletsksol Central House of Fire Department took part in the recording and filming of the Miner’s Song.