“Russalt” congratulates on the International Students’ Day


The largest salt producer in Russia – the Russalt company – today addresses the words of congratulations to all students, as well as graduates of universities and colleges, who recently left the student bench. Russalt is one of the few large companies where hundreds of students do internships every year, and young specialists are willingly hired immediately after graduation and without work experience.

“Youth! We congratulate each of you on the International Students’ Day!”

– says in the congratulations of Russalt.

“Let the spark in your eyes never fade away, and let the guiding star show the way to happiness. Be curious, hardworking and kind. And Russalt can always help all the most motivated students in the realization of dreams and desires! We are happy to accept the best graduates of Russian universities into the staff.

Recall that Russalt is engaged in the production of food and technical salt at the most powerful deposits in the Irkutsk, Orenburg and Astrakhan regions, and also produces salt for central Russia at an ultra-modern production in the Tula region. A stable operating company, known not only in our country, but also abroad, has over 1200 employees. Particular attention is paid here to the training of highly qualified personnel.

Today in Russia, one can literally count on one hand the universities that train specialists for mining companies – for example, in the areas of “mining” or “geological exploration technology”. Therefore, the enterprise works with future graduates of educational institutions already in the 3rd-4th year: it organizes internships and creates the necessary conditions for the work of young specialists. One of these universities is located in the Irkutsk region – IRNITU. Specialists from Belgorod, St. Petersburg and Moscow specialized universities are in demand, close work, including scientific work, has been established with the Mining Institute of NUST MASiS.

“There are quite a lot of young people in the company’s team, we have taken it as a principle to work with graduates immediately after graduation.”

– said the technical director of the company Ruslan Gramma.

“We encourage mentoring, we have a trade union, we have our own training center, additional opportunities have been created for personal and professional growth, further professional development at the expense of the company. “White” salary is higher than the market, a full social package, the provision of a hostel for non-residents in the Iletsksol and Bassol. The possibility of providing young professionals with housing in Usolye-Sibirsky is also being considered.”

So, now in Russalt there are, for example, vacancies for novice specialists in the areas of “energy”, “programmer”, “mechanical engineer”, “secretary”. And for working professions, college graduates are waiting – electrical fitters and chemists-apparatists.

The Russalt company regularly holds Career Days in the country’s technological universities. In addition, the enterprise develops its educational programs for vocational training at its own training center, where specialists are trained by leading and chief engineering and technical workers with vast experience and knowledge in this field.