Employees marked with vouchers returned from vacation


On the Salt Industry Day this year, 12 employees of the company were awarded travel vouchers to warm countries. In October and November, employees of units from the Irkutsk, Orenburg and Astrakhan regions had a rest on the Red Sea of Egypt. Among those awarded for conscientious work, high professionalism and responsible attitude to work are ordinary guys – engineers, mechanics, operators, locksmiths. Rewarding with vouchers on a professional holiday has already become a good tradition at Russalt.

This week, in the Iletsk Zashchita newspaper, the staff of the Iletsksol expressed gratitude to the director of the company, Sergei Cherny, for the opportunity to spend a vacation at sea with colleagues and relatives.

“Sergey Vasilyevich annually organizes trips to resorts in Russia and abroad, thinking through everything to the smallest detail. In addition, we regularly go to theaters, dolphinariums, water parks with our children, receive congratulations and gifts for the professional holiday and the New Year, tickets for concerts, New Year’s performances. Our director is a man of his word, he will always support you in a difficult situation.”

– employees of Russalt tell on the pages of the newspaper.

In 2020-2021, the Covid 19 pandemic made its own adjustments to the holding of a professional holiday at Russalt. Having abandoned mass events, the team, however, retained the tradition of congratulating and rewarding distinguished employees at enterprises, trips to places of recreation and cultural developments. The interregional trade union of workers in the salt industry is also active in the regions where Russalt operates. So, on the eve of the traditional winter holidays, gifts are being prepared for the children of employees. And trade union members are happy to go on excursions, play paintball, attend premieres of performances.