Russalt participates in a pilot project in the field of labor protection

In the Orenburg region, the first intermediate ones for the participation of 13 companies in the region in a pilot project on managing occupational risks in the field of labor protection were summed up. During the seminar in Orenburg, specialists from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia, heads of regional departments and project participants discussed tools for the targeted implementation of the “pilot” and the format for further actions.

Specialists of the Department of Labor Conditions and Labor Protection of the Federal Ministry were one of the first to visit Russalt’s division in Sol-Iletsk back in February last year. Then 13 enterprises of the Orenburg region were identified.

All the companies selected to participate in the federal project are already doing a lot of work in the field of labor protection, taking care of reducing industrial injuries, improving the culture of production, introducing new technologies for safe work and striving to maintain the maximum level of safety at their enterprises. Within two years, the participants will have to create a comfortable transition for employers from responding to incidents to preventing them, provide informational and methodological support for the project, and take control of all factors that may affect the occurrence of accidents or occupational diseases.

«Occupational risk management is, first of all, the formation of a new culture of safety and labor protection. It cannot be introduced by force of will, employers themselves must come to it, and they need help in this. I believe that the development of the occupational risk management system will find support and will reduce the likelihood of injury in the workplace to zero.»

-notes the Minister of Labor and Employment of the Orenburg Region Nailya Iskhakova.

For Orenburg employers, the project is an opportunity to participate in the development of elements of the labor protection management system. According to specialists from the Department of Production Control and Occupational Safety of Russalt, participation in the project allows you to keep abreast of legislative innovations, use one of the first methodological recommendations on the application of the adopted legislation in the field of occupational risks, improve quality indicators for compliance with safety regulations.

«The main factor is, of course, people. In recent years, we have made significant progress and tried to cover all areas of human labor in combination with robotization in order to avoid injuries and create comfortable conditions for everyone. But there is always something to strive for and where to correct mistakes.»

-note in the salt mining company.

Along with the Orenburg region, Leningrad, Astrakhan, Kemerovo regions, the Republic of Bashkortostan are participating in the project.