Russalt reconstructs the SC “Dynamo” in Orenburg


Russalt has signed a donation agreement with the public-state association “All-Russian Sports Society “Dynamo”. The company assumes not only the costs of restoring the Orenburg stadium, but is also ready to carry out all the work on the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of the Dynamo sports complex on its own. On the eve in Moscow, the director of Russalt Sergey Cherny and the chairman of the Dynamo Society Anatoly Gulevsky shook hands.

The first sketches are already ready. It is planned to carry out work on the objects of movable and immovable property of the Dynamo Society, which owns the land participants and buildings on the territory of the sports complex. Repair of the North and South stands will be required, as well as the construction of a new football field, running tracks, stadium lighting, etc.   According to preliminary estimates of experts, it is possible to take the Dynamo sports complex in Orenburg into operation within 2023.