Russalt filmed a film about the company’s work in Russia


Employees of Russalt and the Moscow production agency “Top Media” have been working hard for the past month to create a presentation film about the company, aimed at young professionals.
“We succeeded. And this is the first overview film about the Russalt company. We set the task not only to show the scale, pace of modernization and products of the largest salt mining company in Russia,” says Galina Baeva, press secretary of Russalt, visited with a film crew at all the company’s facilities in four regions of the country – But they also wanted to show how many active and interesting young people work for us, that we are open to students – especially young engineers, for guys in the specialties “mining” and “power engineering” “that we successfully grow personnel ourselves and are ready to hire specialists immediately after graduation – in the Orenburg, Astrakhan, Tula, Irkutsk regions, where our deposits and enterprises are located. This is Russalt. And we are cool!”. A 19-minute film can be viewed on our YouTube channel FILM ABOUT “RUSSALT” COMPANY – 2021

Let us remind you that Russalt’s production units are based on the oldest salt mining enterprises with more than a century of history of their development. Russalt mines, produces and sells edible and industrial salt, mining salt at the Iletsk, Baskunchak and Usolsk salt deposits. Each of them was visited by a film crew.
For reference: In the Orenburg region the Company’s Head Office (Orenburg) and the Iletskoye field (Sol-Iletsk) are located. The ILETSKSOL subdivision is a modern high-tech production, with explored balance reserves of the salt mine of more than half a billion tons of salt. Every year, for use in all regions of Russia, as well as in the CIS countries and far abroad, up to one million seven hundred thousand tons of edible and industrial salt are mined and produced here. Russalt company – “BASSOL”. Lake Baskunchak is a drainless salt lake, the largest deposit of self-planted salt in Russia, the Astrakhan salt shaker of the country. Up to 30% of Russian salt is produced here! One of the most impressive fields in our country is located in the city of Usolye-Sibirskoye, Irkutsk Region. According to experts, its reserves are more than 4 billion tons of salt. The history of the Usolsky field is more than 350 years of experience, and in modern times – with the latest production technologies.
In the city of Novomoskovsk, Tula region, the newest and most advanced salt processing plant Russalt is located, which is a modernized high-tech production. It produces evaporated salt, which covers the needs for edible salt throughout Central Russia.