Excursions to the “Zaryvnov’s Mill” – the office of Russalt are open


Russalt management decided to open access to the building of the central office of the salt mining company in Orenburg. It is located in the restored historical building of the mill of the merchant Zaryvnov.

The guide, chairman of the Foundation for the Historical and Cultural Development of Youth “Faces in Time” Natalia Yermashova and the guide-local historian Nadezhda Kutafina prepared a new summer author’s tour “Three Mills”, which included an acquaintance with an example of industrial modernity on Zwilling Street.

The history of the mills themselves is about how majestic the city and its founders from among the merchant guild were. It is interesting that the fate of all objects was different.

The mill of Ivan Alekseevich Zaryvnov has been turned into a modern office loft through the efforts of the Russalt company and personally the families of Sergei and Elena Chernykh. According to experts in the field of architecture and history, this is a real example of respect for heritage.

The merchant Ivan Zaryvnov built a steam mill in 1894. It not only became one of the largest in Russia, but amazed with its beauty and grandeur. A completely brick, symmetrical industrial building with layouts was distinguished by elements of Byzantism, pseudo-Gothic and a semicircular roof, rare for Orenburg.

The reenactors were able not only to preserve the details from the rhythm of the windows to the masonry of the arches, but also modernized the building with the help of glazing. The combination of a shiny translucent surface and brick turned out to be well-balanced and harmonious.

Russalt carried out work on the mill until 2014: the project received the International Property Awards, which is rare for our country.

The transformations of the former mill were also evaluated by the experts of the competition “Signs of cities. Best Regional Development Practices” in Russia, which proved that the loft is common not only in the capital and large cities, but also in the regions.

The Three Mills tour also tells about other heritage sites of the Zaryvnov merchants, for example, about the doss house. This building has been perfectly preserved and is still in use.

The excursion “Three Mills” ends in the house of the historical shadow theater. Inside, there is a stove with French tiles, photographs, albums, books.

Tour guides Natalia Yermashova and Nadezhda Kutafina will continue regular tours to the Russalt office building. Orenburg residents and guests of the city have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with an important object of industrial architecture in Orenburg.