Martial arts center is ready to celebrate its first year


In the municipal sports school No. 11 named after E.M. Tsoi, based at the CEE base in Orenburg, began preparations for the festival of martial arts. Now trainings are being actively conducted and numbers of demonstration performances are being worked out. The festival itself is held by the Center together with the city sports committee and is scheduled for mid-April.

Recall that a unique sports facility, presented in the form of traditional wooden Japanese datsans and the only one of its kind in Russia, was officially opened on April 17, 2021. The initiator of the construction of the facility was the Russalt company – the center was created as part of a social program to support children and youth. Director of the company “Russalt” Sergei Cherny suggested that the Center of Martial Arts be named after his sensei Eduard Tsoi. The project of the center was once thought out with him and the coach’s relatives.

In a recent interview, the head of Russalt noted that he sees the goal of creating the Center for Martial Arts in “so that they leave the sections in the basements and train in good decent conditions, so that this is the meaning of life for them.” Sergey Cherny himself has been practicing martial arts since his youth, and today he often comes to training with the guys from the Center.

“Oriental martial arts, for example, karate, iaido – is not just the ability to wave your arms and legs, it is also the ability to think.”

– noted Cherniy.

“I always wanted these guys, sometimes from not very wealthy families, to come and train. And they made PEOPLE. It changed me a lot myself. Sport has made me who I am.”

The decision to build the Martial Arts Center was made several years ago by the Russalt company together with the administration of the city of Orenburg and the Government of the Orenburg region. The total area of ​​the Center is more than 300 sq.m., it houses a large sports arena, a functional training hall, locker rooms with showers for athletes, medical and administrative offices. More than 800 people can train at the sports school in the departments of all-style karate, taekwondo, kyokushin, kobudo and sambo.

Despite the restrictions during the lockdown period, the athletes managed to hold competitions – online and offline. So on March 20, after the restrictions were lifted, in MAU secondary school No. 11 named after. E.N. Tsoi, the championship and championship of the city of Orenburg in oriental martial arts (sports discipline “KOBUDO”) took place. The competition was attended by 89 athletes of the city of Orenburg. The winners and prize-winners of the competitions were awarded medals and diplomas of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Orenburg Administration. In addition, the standard for the candidate master of sports was fulfilled by Kulchumov Artem, Panfilov Timofey, Kukushev Matvey, a certificate for the first sports category was awarded to Danil Malov and a 1kyu brown belt to Bogdan Obedkov.