Channel One spoke about the benefits of Iletsk salt


In the Good Morning program on Channel One on March 16, they talked about the benefits of Iletsk salt and dispelled the myth that sea salt is more useful than that mined in salt mines. Filming of the program took place on March 11 at the Russalt enterprise in Sol-Iletsk. The journalists learned how salt is mined, produced and packed in the Orenburg region. 

Why can’t we completely give up salt? How many grams of salt per day can be eaten without harm to health? And which salt is better? These and other questions about salt were answered by nutritionist Yegana Koroleva, salt sommelier Yuri Keselman and chemist Natalia Kalashnik. Marina Trofimova, head of the production and chemical laboratory of the Iletsksol Center, told the viewers about the nutritional properties of salt of various grindings.

Watch the story “What’s the salt?” in the Good Morning program on Channel One, follow the link: utro-fragment-vypuska-ot-16-03-2021