Center of martial arts is one year old


In April 2021, the largest salt producer in Russia opened one of the most significant social projects of the company – the Orenburg Martial Arts Center on Salmyshskaya.

This year, CEE celebrated its holiday with a martial arts festival, where its pupils became the main participants in the events. Today, about 800 children have the opportunity to study at the Center.

The opening on April 17 last year of a new sports complex in the North-Eastern residential district of Orenburg has become one of the most anticipated sports events of the spring. The martial arts center was built and donated to the city by a private investor – the Russalt company. Its construction took almost five years. The center is named after the coach, the founder of the development of karate in Orenburg Eduard Tsoi, it opened a municipal sports school No. 11, where about 200 children annually could study for free – this was the initial condition of patrons.

Last Sunday, the Martial Arts Center hosted a martial arts festival dedicated to the first anniversary of the opening of the Center.

It was attended by about 100 athletes from the Kobudo, Wushu and Armwrestling Federations of the Orenburg Region, the All-Style Karate Federation of Russia, the All-Russian Sambo Federation, the Kyokushin Karate Federation, ITF Taekwondo, Philippine martial arts, the Orenburg Regional Aikido Union and sports school No. 11 named after E.N. Tsoi. Sergey Cherny, the ideological inspirer of the creation of the Martial Arts Center, philanthropist, director of Russalt, opened the competition and delivered a welcoming speech.

Major General Alexander Korolev, Executive Director of the Russian Union of Martial Arts, President of the All-Style Karate Federation of Russia Master of Martial Arts Ramil Gabbasov, Head of the Sports Department of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Region Andrey Kholodov and others were the guests of honor of the festival.

One of the most emotional moments at the end of the festival was the removal of a festive cake with the symbols of the Center, presented by the Council of the Public Association of Veterans of the Border Service

In a recent interview, Sergey Cherny, currently a trustee and member of the supervisory board of the CEE, explained why the Russalt company builds sports facilities and what importance he attaches to martial arts in educating a new generation.

«I dreamed for a long time that a Martial Arts Center would be built in Orenburg. To gather the guys so that they crawl out of the basements so that they can see what it is. To train in good, decent conditions. To make it the meaning of life for them. And martial arts is not only the ability to swing arms and legs, it is also a head. This is the upbringing of the younger generation, which would understand that going out and taking away a bag from a grandmother in the doorway is not very good. A lot happens in life for guys and for those who come to the gym, their mentality and a different understanding of life change. Sports have changed me a lot. Sport made me who I am».