The First Deputy Mayor of Orenburg presented Sergei Cherny with the Man of the Year statuette


The director of the company “Russalt” Sergey Cherny received the municipal award “Person of the Year”. The figurine was presented to the businessman by the first deputy head of the regional center Sergey Salmin.

The Orenburg businessman was chosen as the winner of the annual award in the nomination “Public Recognition”. In addition to the statuette, Cherny was awarded a diploma and a badge “Person of the Year”.

“I express my deep gratitude to you for your indifferent attitude to the fate of the city and its inhabitants, for your significant contribution to solving the priority tasks aimed at improving the quality of life of Orenburg residents. This is a worthy example of the joint work of government and business! Thanks for the help”

-Sergey Salmin said.

Recall that Sergei Cherny became the inspirer of the idea of building a new infectious diseases clinic near Orenburg. He also partially FINANCES the project. The Elena Chernaya Charitable Foundation, founded by the entrepreneur, allocated 1 billion rubles for the medical facility. Also, at the expense of the organization, work was carried out on the preparation and examination of the project of the medical center.

According to the administration of the Orenburg region, the new medical center is designed for 186 beds. If necessary, their number can be increased to 379.

There will be departments for 88 boxes, a reception and diagnostic department with computed tomography, endoscopy, ultrasound and functional diagnostics, a pharmacy distribution point, a modern clinical diagnostic laboratory, an administrative unit and a dispatch service with a garage for 4 cars and a vehicle disinfection station.

It is also planned to create a dormitory for staff with 6 rooms. The center will be equipped with equipment for PCR and ELISA studies. This will allow timely accurate diagnosis of a wide range of infectious pathologies. The ability to conduct research in the new hospital will save patients from having to travel to other medical organizations for an accurate diagnosis.

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