Russalt buys innovative railcars


On February 1, 2022, the Industrial Cargo information service published information about the renewal of the Russalt railway fleet.

The Russalt company, which unites mining enterprises at the Iletsk, Baskunchak and Usolsk deposits, received a batch of 100 innovative gondola cars (with a body volume of 94 cubic meters and a carrying capacity of 75 tons).

According to the company, shipments of its own products are made from the stations Iletsk-1 (West Kazakhstan highway, Kazakhstan), Nizhny Baskunchak (Volga road) and Malta (East Siberian highway); the total volumes of rail traffic for 2021 amounted to 1.24 million tons, 1.41 million tons and 0.059 million tons, respectively.

At the beginning of 2022, the company operated a fleet of 281 gondola cars (including 100 innovative ones) and 33 covered cars. All rolling stock was owned by Russalt. We received a brief comment regarding the company’s future plans to acquire and operate the park.

Editorial Board: What is the purpose of buying rolling stock – to transport your own products or to provide operator services to market participants?

Russalt: In October 2021, Russalt acquired 100 new innovative gondola cars from JSC NPK Uralvagonzavod, and it is planned to take on the balance sheet the same number in January. The purchase of gondola cars is associated with the planned renewal of the rolling stock to improve the quality of services for the transportation of own products. The purchased gondola cars model 12-196-02 with a carrying capacity of 75 tons have excellent technical characteristics and allow high-quality and safe delivery of salt to the consumer. The enterprise has all the necessary organizational and working resources for the quick commissioning and further operation of purchased gondola cars

Editorial staff: Do you plan to further expand your own park? Are you considering other options for attracting rolling stock (rent, leasing)?

Russalt: Renovation of the rolling stock is carried out regularly as part of the approved investment program of Russalt. Nevertheless, due to the increased shortage of gondola cars in Russia, we are ready to consider the possibility of expanding our own fleet..

Editorial staff: In what directions will the new fleet of gondola cars run?

Russalt: Russalt is the largest producer of edible salt in Russia. Own rolling stock is used to deliver products throughout the country. The first batch of gondola cars arrived in Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg region, where one of the fields is located, where the production and production of the Russalt company is carried out..