In Nizhny Baskunchak waiting for a license to operate a kindergarten


The news portal “Akhtubinsk.RU” published an appeal by the head of the administration of the municipality “Akhtubinsky district” Olga Perunova to the residents of the village of Nizhny Baskunchak. She shared information about interaction with the Russalt company and the implementation of social projects.

“The administration of the Akhtubinsky district has been cooperating with Russalt for a long time, the main activity of which is the harvesting of salt. The management of Russalt carries out charitable activities for social facilities located both on the territory of our district and directly in the settlement of Nizhny Baskunchak. Just as part of this cooperation, the district administration, together with the leadership of Russalt, initiated the construction of a kindergarten on the territory of the village of Nizhny Baskunchak – said Olga Perunova.

-The kindergarten is equipped with 100 places, plus 45 places are reserved for nursery groups. I want to say that this facility is very important for the residents of Nizhny Baskunchak, as it will help relieve social tension, queues for other kindergartens will become shorter. Today, many parents cannot work due to the fact that there is simply nowhere to take their children. It is also important that as a result of the functioning of this kindergarten, additional jobs will also be created.”

The project started in 2020, the leadership of “Russalt” throughout the construction went towards the administration of the district. That is why at the moment the project is practically implemented and is at the final stage of its completion. In particular, at the stage of registration of all necessary documentation. It is already ready for acceptance, the district administration confirms this. The kindergarten is really in good condition, there are no complaints about its quality or the internal component, according to the district administration. The institution has the necessary furniture and equipment.

“However, in the process, difficulties arose in registering the ownership of the property, which, in fact, may make it difficult to obtain a license in the future. Obtaining a license directly is a prerequisite for the operation of a kindergarten, and without it, it will not be able to earn money,” the head of the district explained.

As part of the settlement of the issues that arose on paperwork, meetings were held with the leadership of the region. There we received an understanding and we will be assisted in the preparation of documentation. We received all the necessary recommendations, sent an appeal to the Ministry of Education of the Astrakhan Region for licensing, and also applied to the Rosreestr to register ownership of the kindergarten. We are currently waiting for the results. After making positive decisions, the long-awaited kindergarten will finally open its doors for children and their parents. We hope this will happen soon. In addition, I would like to thank the management of Russalt for their entire contribution to the development of the social sphere of our Akhtuba region.”