91.5% of Russalt employees were vaccinated in the Orenburg region


The level of vaccination of employees at the enterprises of the company “Russalt” in the Orenburg region has reached 91.5 percent. To date, not a single person infected with COVID-19 has been recorded among the personnel of the company’s divisions in the region. A whole range of sanitary safety measures are in place at the company’s enterprises.

The health of employees at Russalt is given special attention. According to Vyacheslav Kuzmin, Deputy Director for Economic Security of the company, explanatory work was carried out in the teams about the need for vaccination and comprehensive measures were taken to create an immunological layer among employees.

As a result, out of 136 employees of the Orenburg office, 109 people have been vaccinated against coronavirus today. This is 80.1 percent of the total staff. Another 21 employees have antibodies. Of the six people who were not vaccinated, five were not vaccinated due to medical contraindications

And out of 517 employees of the Sol-Iletsk CDP “Iletsksol”, 489 were vaccinated. 485 people or 94.6 percent of the total number of employees have two vaccination certificates.

“If we calculate the average figure, then out of 653 employees of two divisions of the company in the region (in Orenburg and Sol-Iletsk), 598 or 91.5 percent were vaccinated”

— said Vyacheslav Kuzmin.

To prevent the spread of infection at enterprises, a whole range of sanitary safety measures are in place.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta