Students of the Mining Institute successfully completed an internship at Russalt


A letter of thanks was sent to the management and staff of Russalt on behalf of the National Research Technological University MISiS, located in Moscow. In the letter, the administration of the university thanks for the productive cooperation and provision of high-quality work practice, for providing students of the Mining Institute of NUST “MASiS” with housing, as well as for gaining experience of professional work at the Iletsksol Center for Social Security, “Russalt”. In particular, it is noted that “during the internship, students were involved in almost all mining processes under the strict supervision of mentors.”

It is worth noting that Russalt employs many young employees who came after university or chose a profession while still a student. Therefore, in many specialties, graduates are invited to work here immediately after graduating from universities and colleges, and students of 2-3-4 courses are invited to practice in the summer.
Russalt is engaged in the extraction and processing of food and technical salt at the most powerful deposits in the Irkutsk, Orenburg and Astrakhan regions, and the largest salt mining company has a modernized modern production facility in Novomoskovsk and a central management office in Orenburg. The Russalt Society is a stable operating company, known not only in Russia but also abroad, with over 1,200 employees throughout the country.

Particular attention is paid here to the training of modern highly qualified personnel.

“We value our employees, we ourselves raise them to high-class specialists and do a lot for the professional development and growth of young people at the central office and at enterprises in the regions. It is important for us that our employees receive new knowledge and apply it in practice, so we have created all the conditions for this"

consider in the company “Russalt”.

« We have developed the principle of mentoring, there is a training center and a trade union, wages are decent and above the average market».