Salt miner Sergey Panasenko – “One on one with the breed”


Those who have been working in the salt mines for years are people of a special formation, accustomed to working in harsh conditions. And for the most part they are strong, responsible, courageous people. They say about them “salt of the earth”. In the spring of 2021, Sergey Nikolaevich Panasenko, a mining machine operator, an honored worker of the Russalt Society, ended his career due to retirement. In May, the team in Sol-Iletsk solemnly congratulated the outstanding miner, who always devoted himself to his work one hundred percent.

Russalt’s colleagues and management addressed warm words and congratulations to the honored worker of the industry and thanked him for many years of conscientious work, presenting the miner with a valuable gift.

“The colleagues presented us with a figurine of an ox harnessed to a cart with salt – a symbol of diligence and strength. Because Sergey Nikolaevich is a real man, a plowman! – talks about the outstanding miner Sergey Panasenko Head of the mining section of the Iletsk-Sol Central House of Fireworks of Russalt Konstantin Matveev, – Man powerful, strong, healthy, a hero who loves his job and gives himself completely to it.  Came to work for half an hour, did not sit for a minute. He worked in harsh conditions, in a confined space, one on one with the breed. Pioneer of new horizons. He is a professional with a capital P, he constantly taught the younger generation. Now these professionals proudly continue his work”.

The Russalt Company employs more than 1,200 people, but the whole team is equal to such as Sergey Nikolayevich, the youth of the company respects and learns. He always acted twice as fast and twice as fast, often performing almost “Stakhanovite” feats.  Thus, in three years he was able to prepare the work front for 15 years ahead!

Over the years, Sergey Nikolaevich carried out work on the excavation of mining and development workings of floors -132/-160m, -185/-215m, -240/-270m. From October 2017 (the start of work on the excavation of mining and development workings of floor -240/-270m) to April 2021 on floor -240/-270m, out of the workings actually passed at the moment (about 15000 m), S.N. Panasenko passed about 12,000 m of mine workings. At the moment, all mining and preparation workings of the central section of the floor -240/-270m have been completely passed. “Powerful labor resource, ability to work in a team, reliable comrade, – this is how colleagues speak about Panasenko.  – In her free time, she likes to travel and beekeeping. In the family – a beloved father and grandfather, who, thanks to his upbringing, firmly put all his loved ones on their feet. With a sense of humor, sociable, attracts people to him. Long life and good health to you, Sergey Nikolaevich! Thank you for your work.”

Interesting facts about salt mining in the Orenburg region

In the salt mines of Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg region, a valuable and useful product “Iletsk salt” is mined, consisting of environmentally friendly crystalline minerals over 270 million years old.

 The Iletsk rock salt deposit is a salt dome with a salt core brought to the surface.

 Until 1889, the Iletsk rock salt deposit was mined in an open pit.

 From 1889 to 1926 salt was mined underground, in the so-called & nbsp; “Old Chamber”, at a depth of 140 meters from the surface of the earth. During this time, 60 million pounds (or 960 thousand tons of salt) were mined.

 From 1924, the reserves of Mine No. 1 were being excavated until it was flooded in 1979. During its operation, 12 million tons of salt were mined. Since 1964, along with the developed mine No. 1, the extraction of reserves of mine No. 2 began at a depth of 280 meters.

Since 2004, work has begun on the extraction of salt at a depth of 330 meters with recoverable reserves of 20 million tons. 

Currently, the deposit is being developed by the Russalt Company at Mine No. 2, the annual capacity of which is approximately 1,250,000 tons per year. 

Explored balance reserves – 568,406,000 tons of salt.