LLC “Russalt” will take part in Belgrade forum for optimal provision of population with iodine nutrition



Forum will take place in Serbia in 2nd – 3rd 2011.

For two days Belgrade will become the center for the exchange of experiences between countries on developing of programs of optimal provision with iodine nutrition. With the support of the organizers and participants of the forum this event should bring the problem of iodine deficiency on the international level and to identify ways of solving it. According to organizers, this problem can be solved by compulsory iodization of salt for the retail trade and food industries.

“Russalt”LTD draws an attention to this issue because the company has been dealing with this matter over a long period of time. Through the introduction of new technologies in the production the company has been producing iodized salt since 1990. Equipment, made by individual engineering projects, will enrich the high-tech salt with  potassium iodate. Nowadays the supply of iodized salt is carried to all corners of Russia and some countries abroad. Thanks to the production  of this product a consumer can always choose what kind of salt they will use in cooking.