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Basic information
In 2012, a training and course facility Russalt was established, which is a structural subdivision of Russalt.

The main goal of the training center is the implementation of vocational training programs (professional training, retraining and advanced training programs) and additional professional education for employees of the organization in accordance with the License for educational activities No. 1498 dated 07/22/2014.

Education in the training center is conducted in Russian, in full-time, part-time, form, as well as in self-study mode, and is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills (special, in-depth, etc.) necessary to improve the quality of work and provided services, development of new types of activities, as well as to create a reliable personnel reserve in the Company.
The academic year in the training center begins on the first working day of the calendar year. The duration of the academic year is determined by the duration of the calendar year.

The unit of measurement of study time and the main form of organization of educational activities in the training course complex is a training session.

A five-day educational work week has been established in the training and course complex.

Educational activities are carried out in 2 shifts:

1 shift - from 9.00 to 13.00;

2 shift - from 14.00 to 18.00.

The educational process can be organized in the morning from 9.00 o'clock and in the afternoon from 14.00 o'clock.

Calls to class are not accepted.

School days are Monday - Friday. Classes that fall on public holidays are rescheduled to other days. Taking into account the production needs, training can be conducted on weekends and non-working hours.

For all types of classroom studies, the academic hour is set to 45 minutes.

The break between training sessions is 5-10 minutes.
Address: 460009, Russian Federation, Orenburg, Zwilling street, 61/1

The founder of Russalt - RUSSALT LIMITED


Phone number
8 (35336) 3-69-56
Head of the Training course center
Ekaterina Petrovna
Methodist of the Training course center
Olga Vitalievna