Russalt — Usolye

The process of evaporated salt Extra is divided in several stages: brine production, treatment, evaporation, drying and packaging of the final product. 

Brine is produced with the help of underground solution mining (leaching). Salt layers are penetrated with bore holes. The average depth is 1380 meters. Water is supplied through a special casing and washes away the salt layer. Saturated brine in concentration of 305-315 g/l is transported to the surface through the brine take-off pipe and supplied to the treatment unit. At the treatment unit brine is decontaminated. It is to be noted that thanks to fine cleaning of brine it is possible to decrease contaminants in the final product up to 50-70 times in comparison with the raw product. Then purified product supplied to the salt evaporation unit and finally evaporated salt goes to the packaging and shipping unit. 

Currently the main step of the global reconstruction of CDPS Usolie is over. In accordance with the reconstruction product the salt manufacturing plant was considerably upgraded. MVR technology, which has no analogues in the Eastern Europe, is applied for the salt manufacturing. Modern foreign equipment for packaging and salt tablet manufacturing was put into operation. 

MVR technology implementation is a big step forward for the process. It is based on the use of secondary steam for the brine heating. Two thermal fans compress vapor at the outlet and due to the higher temperature can be used one more time for the brine heating.  So, there is vapor recirculation providing the salt vapor process. As a reminder: before we purchased vapor from the other companies. Advantages of new technology are in the increase of the process automation level, process environmental influence decrease, growth of the process power efficiency etc.  

Putting new packaging equipment into operation conditions the possibility to package salt in 1 kg carton boxes and in 50 kg PP bags. Now the process of packaging is fully automated and modern packaging materials make the product different in esthetic and qualitative properties.

Also the tablet press manufactured by KILIAN was installed. This modern Italian equipment provides the manufacturing of new type of salt – tablet salt. Packaged in 25 kg PP packages tablets are manufactured from extra evaporated salt. Matrix sets the tablet shape of salt with diameter 25 mm and height 17, 5 mm. Weight of one tablet is 15g. Tablets have even smooth surface and white color.  Tablet salt manufactured by Russalt Ltd. has excellent qualitative and strength properties. It has no analogues in Russia and entire world.

Considerable upgrading of the factory influenced in a positive way on the quality of salt itself. Due to slight reduction of product density now it is possible to achieve even size of all crystals. Now there is no dust in grain-size composition of extra salt, which used to cause salt caking. Salt Extra is different in even fine Grade, free flowing and purely white color. Its qualitative indicators comply with the strictest requirements of international standards.  

The next goal for the completion of global reconstruction is upgrading of salt treatment unit. Its implementation will consolidate the position of Russalt Ltd. as the most modern manufacturer of extra salt on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS.