Russalt — Iletsk

Salt is produced by underground mining of the chamber system at a depth of 300 m. The chambers are developed layer by layer with the help of tunneling machines, which break off salt. Salt is delivered to the mineshafts by self-propelled cars and conveyors.

Developed chamber is a room with 30 m height ceilings, 30 meters width and 500 m length. Machine cutter leaves beautiful figures on the walls of chamber. Delivery of salt from the mine is carried out through the mineshafts equipped with lifting systems. From mineshafts salt is transported to the processing factory.

In the spring of 2007 a new rock salt processing plant was put into operation at Iletsk deposit. The process in the factory is fully automated and it has no analogues in Russia. Most of the factory equipment was manufactured on the leading European factories following to the custom orders.

 Due to the deposit uniqueness Iletsk salt does not require an additional enrichment and, therefore, its processing consists of crushing on roller machines and grade sorting by screening. Screening also fulfills the function of salt dedusting, which provides an additional protection of the product against caking in course of storage.

1st  grade  salt is packaged on the automatic machines Pitpack M in plastic 1kg bags with the further hand packaging in plastic big bags of 50 pcs. Also, salt is packed on the automatic Italian line «BETTI” in 0.65kg carton boxes, grouped into 24 pieces in a shrink wrap and stacked by robot palletizers on europallets.

In order to prevent iodine deficiency diseases among the population 1st grade salt is additionally enriched with potassium iodate.

Packaging of 1, 2, 3 grade salt in 50 kg PP bags is carried out by semi-automatic weighing units «Norma SL», followed by stitching them on modern stitching complexes «NEVLONG» (Japan).

Modern high-precision filling station «PORTABULK» provides packing of salt in 1000 kg big bags.

Final product is transported to the loading points for further automatic stacking in railway cars and shipment to consumers.