Russalt — Baskunchak

Production consists of three main workshops: production, processing, shipping to river boats and number of auxiliary shops and departments. Production and shipment of salt are carried out from April till November with the help of modern self-engineered salt harvesters manufactured at the existing technical facilities. Salt harvester is an autonomous self-propelled rail-mounted machine, which fulfills the following operations: loosens a salt layer, sucks salt slurry formed in course of loosening, dehydrates it, crushes dehydrated salt and washes it repeatedly with brine in order to remove insoluble contaminants. Salt brought up to the mark in accordance with standards and specifications is loaded in the open wagons. Processing workshop manufactures products in stock and annually dispatches them to the railroad cars.

Nowadays salt producing and processing centre Bassol is at the final stage of the global upgrading and engineering re-equipment. The last time re-equipment was carried out back in the Soviet era. Over the last years it became possible to increase the capacity of the salt harvester on the salt producing site. Now one machine is able to produce the same quantity of salt as two previous harvesters.

Along with the global reconstruction of enterprise buildings and facilities, engineering re-equipment process of entire salt processing plant comes to an end. All basic items were replaced by new equipment with higher capacity. The above-mentioned equipment has no analogues throughout the world as it was manufactured by foreign companies basing on the drawings worked out by specialists of Russalt Ltd. Technical engineering department. In 2010 main conveyor lines were substituted with new foreign light systems of lower duty. Recently new gas-operated drying unit was put into operation. Its use allows to comply with modern requirements to resource-saving technologies for material drying. Moreover, elevator, compressors were replaced and new filters, which clean the air from salt dust, were installed. Many foreign companies like «Goodtech Packaging Systems AS», «VIBRA Maschinenfabrik SCHULTHEIS GmbH & Co», «NERAK GmbH Fördertechnik», «MAXON», «»Riedel Filtertechnic GmbH»», «BOGE Kompressoren» etc. took part in upgrading process.

The plant is equipped with PCS and therefore fully automated.  Directions of the process flows were changed in the result of project implementation. Installation of velocity and time gages allows to improve operation of divisions, considerably reduce time spent for the product processing, and minimize man-hours and power inputs and also to provide security of labor conditions for personnel. 

Over the last years salt producing and processing centre Bassol has undergone a long way of reconstruction of administrative, processing and manufacturing divisions of the enterprise. Flexible process control systems, improvement of technologies, continuous work on the improvement of product quality, exploration of new marketing channels allow one of the largest salt producing companies Russalt Ltd. to stay firm on the leading position.