Sphere of product usage

The sphere of usage of the product of LLC “Russalt”.

Food industry

Meat production

Dairy industry

Bread production

Fish industry

Chemical and petrochemical industry

Production of chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sodium metal, synthetic resins, dyes, detergents, glass, soap, etc.

Machine industry, metalworking


Heat treatment of details

Cooling and tempering of details  during quenching

Nickel- chrome- cadmium plating of parts

Oil and gas industry

Components of solution for wells drilling

Fertilizer industry

Production of fertilizers

Leather industry

Laying out and aluming of skins

Iron industry

Etching of pipes, wires

Galvanized metal

Non-ferrous metal industry

Production and treatment of copper, nickel, cobalt, etc.


Preparation of saline and other pharmaceutical substances

Communal services

Heat and power engineering

Road maintenance services

Chemical treatment  of water for  boilers of thermal power plants


Feed production, ensilage

Use as a mineral feeding for cattle, poultry, fur-bearing animals

Salt has more than 14,000 fields of use.

In chemical industry sodium chloride is used as a raw material or a major component for inorganic acids, oxides and alkali (caustic soda), natural rubber, chemical fertilizers, dyes, polymers, etc. Salt is the basis for the production of plastics, including PVC, aluminum, paper, soap and glass. Salt also serves as a raw material for producing of hydrogen chloride and sodium fluorosilicate.

In porcelain production salt is used to produce the glaze .

Moreover, salt is used for the preparation of isotonic solutions and medicines, for cleaning and preparing of water, for the processing of animal skins and even anti-icing.

In food industry common salt is widely used in food processing and cooking, while it not only improves the taste of dishes, but also inhibits growth of harmful bacteria in food, regulates fermentation in baking bread, cheese, etc.

In fish industry salt is used for salting, pickling, canning, drying, smoking and other ways of fish processing.

Medicine and biology require salt for preparing of saline, monochloride copper, mercuric chloride, calomel, Glauber’s salt, as well as for making pyramidon, antipyrine, and other medicine.

Common salt is necessary not only for chemists, physiologists, doctors, physicists, biologists, metallurgists, but also for the engineers of refrigeration industry, who use it to make «artificial cold.»

Food is often preserved by cold. Low temperatures in refrigerators are achieved with a mixture of ice and common salt, or special mechanical refrigeration units.

At present, salt is the cheapest material for getting of cooling mixture.

In tobacco industry salt is also sometimes necessary in the production of certain brands of tobacco. For the first time salt was used in 18th  century in processing high-quality tobacco. Use of salt was forced by two considerations: first, salt prevents the rotting of organic matter which is in tobacco in relatively large quantities.

It is part of some fertilizers used in greenhouses for better ripening of vegetables in winter time.

Cosmetics based on sea products also contain salt.