Environmental protection works

Realizing its responsibility for ecological safety and aiming at high results in ecology, decrease of the negative influence of its activity on the environment, “Russalt” LTD. takes all the necessary organizing and technical measures in that direction.

For the purpose of organization and realization of the procedures aimed at the environmental protection the production control and labor protection department is originated where the matters of industrial safety, labor protection, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources are solved.

The basis of the ecological safety of the company is the environmental production control. Thus, as a part of the environmental production control in the subdivisions “Russalt” LTD. takes into account the regular analytical control of air pollution and industrial noise levels, control of compliance with sanitary and ecological requirements when disposing of waste, etc.

In accordance with the ecological requirements of the legislation the normative ecological documentation has been worked out in “Russalt” LTD., including the Projects of waste production normatives and waste disposal limits, the projects of maximum allowable emission, Provisions, instructions and other documents properly agreed upon with the supervisory authorities.

In the subdivisions of the company the qualitative and quantitative accounting of the environmental production factors such as production and consumption waste, air emissions is carried out. The data of such accounting serve as the basis of ecologically correct managing solutions aimed at the above mentioned industrial factors. Moreover, on the basis of these data “Russalt” LTD. carries out quarterly contributions into the budget.

Ecologically correct management and production processes of “Russalt” LTD. are achieved due to the regular training of the company’s employees in the sphere of ecological safety and waste disposal.

The result of organizing and technical procedures, based on strict compliance with the legal requirements in the sphere of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources aimed at prevention of the negative industrial activity influence on people and environment, is the high level of ecological safety of “Russalt” LTD. confirmed by the supervisory authorities in the course of examinations.