Environmental policy

Policy of the сompany

Our planet is so far the only location for our existence. Its present-day condition is the achievement of the humanity and of every separate man. Every company influences the environment to different extents that is why the policy of the company in respect of the environment should reflect the principles of its existence and development in perspective.

“Russalt” LTD. regards life protection, health protection of its workers and environmental protection as the matters of primary importance. Realizing its responsibility for the society, the company is constantly taking measures for saving the environment and rational usage of the natural resources. And the expenses for environmental protection are understood as the investments into the future of our planet and the enterprise in particular.

In order to solve these problems in every mining site there are special services which realize the labor protection, production safety and environmental protection programs. The situation is constantly under supervision, complex measures of ecological monitoring are used. This work is built according to the acting Russian legal system, its requirements and standards.

The policy of “Russalt” LTD. in the sphere of production safety is based on the submitting the requirements and legal norms of safe working practices:

– All the objects of the mining sites are registered in the state registrar of the hazardous production facilities at the local office of the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision.

– The chiefs and specialists are regularly taught and attested, courses, instructions and self-guided works are done.

– “Russalt” LTD. as a part of company liability insurance has insured its hazardous production facilities in case of any harm during its exploitation.

– At the enterprise technological regulations of the exploitation, environmental protection, working practices are worked out according to the normative documents. The technological discipline absolutely corresponds to the written regulations, and any amendments in them are changed in time.
– There are all necessary licenses allowing the usage of all corresponding technical devices.

– All the project documentation for building, reconstruction, thorough repairs of the hazardous production facilities is passing the state expertise.

“Russalt” LTD. pays great attention to the problem of environmental protection. The company has worked out and is successfully introducing the projects aimed at the environmental pollution control.

Thus, the policy of the company in respect of the environment is a constant work over creating favorable conditions of existence on the territories where the salt producing enterprises are located.