Ecological policy

Ecological policy

The activity of every industrial enterprise is inevitably connected with the impacts on the environmental components.

Realizing its activity “Russalt” LTD. tends to use the natural resources rationally, decrease the negative impacts of its activity on the environment and prevent the polution keeping the sufficient development rates of the production processes.

For achieving this aim the company is constantly finding out, evaluating and managing the elements of its activity which influence the environment.

The main principle of the company’s activity is the principle of stable development which is based on taking into account of the long-term ecological consequences of the economical decisions taken today.

“Russalt” LTD. assigns the following tasks for providing ecological safety of the production:

– compliance with the requirements of the ecology related legal regulations;

– minimization of the negative impacts on the environment;

– rational use of natural resources on the basis of the best available technologies;

– safe waste management, its introduction into the economic circulation;

– constant improvement of the results of its environmental activity.

The main mechanisms of realization of the abovementioned tasks are:

– creating an effective system of the ecological management;

– organizing and carrying out of the ecological monitoring, environmental production control;

– goal-oriented planning of the nature protection activity of the Company;

– evaluation of the ecological risks when taking decisions;

– allocation of sufficient material, personnel and financial resources;

– professional and environmental training of the company’s workers;

and others.