Article 1 (About the iodine deficiency problem in Russia)

Why is iodine consumption really important for humans? Since the Ice Age period the topsoil iodine has been gradually going down deep into the depths of the Earth. Iodine deficiency in the soil and water means its deficiency in local plants, meat and milk of animals which consume them, and consequently in the food ration of the population of the iodine deficiency area. The territory of Russia is not rich in “smart” soil: many regions lack iodine. Not only we are unlucky – the same situation is in the whole world: worse in highlands, better at the seaside.

This means that we are deprived of healthy mineral iodine resources – microelements responsible for brain development and brainwork. If this deficiency is not compensated, our intelligence level and of the whole nation in general will continue decreasing together with the common living standard in the country. Yes, iodine deficiency existed thousands of years ago, but the problem became acute in the previous century. The intellect has become a critical resource which determines successfulness, well-being, opportunities and perspectives of the development of a separate person and of the whole country.

Doctors, sociologists and politicians have been discussing the urgency of this problem. The Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Russian Federation, chief of the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare Gennadiy Onischenko has noted in one of his reports presented in the Russian Public Chamber: “In the present-day situation over 65 per cent of the population of the Russian Federation has been living in the conditions of iodine deficiency, which in some cases causes congenital abnormalities, increased mortality, decrease of the intellectual abilities of children and adults, deaf numbness».

In the opinion of the director of the Institute of clinical endocrinology ESC RAMS Galina Melnichenko, in Russia 50 mln. people suffer from different diseases connected with iodine deficiency.

The chairman of the Commission of the Public Chamber for social affairs and demographic policy of the Russian Federation Elena Nikolaeva has noted that every fifth Russian citizen suffers from thyroid disorders.

Iodized salt is the solution of the iodine deficiency problem in Russia!

There is a simple and effective way of elimination and preventive measures against iodine deficiency, it is iodized salt! With the help of exactly this usual product many countries of the world have avoided the intellectual catastrophe. Now every Russian citizen needs to take care of their health and the health of their children. Besides, this product is within easy reach for all as the geography of iodized salt supply produced by “Russalt” LTD. covers all Russia and some foreign countries. It is enough to change the usual salt for iodized salt and a person will get the daily norm of iodine from salt and other products.

Iodine content characteristics of the “Russalt” LTD. products correspond to the demands of GOST R (the Russian national standard) 51574-2000:

  1. Edible common evaporated iodized salt extra “Belosnezhka”, Iodine(40,0±15)* 10-4
  2. Edible common ground iodized salt of premium quality “Iletskaya” (produced from rock salt), Iodine – (40,0±15)* 10-4
  3. Edible common ground iodized salt of the first quality (Baskunchak settlement) (produced from the lake deposited salt), Iodine – (40,0±15)* 10-4

Iodized salt is the most effective, safe and at the same time the simplest and cheapest means of iodine deficiency prevention which is capable of increasing the intellectual characteristics of the population by 15-20%.

Article 2 (The calculation of daily iodine dose)

Article 3 (Laboratory proofs)